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“Data vs. Creativity” to “Data-Inspired Creativity”

by Ganesh Subramanian

One creative discipline which adapted technology faster than many others is advertising. It is also one of the creative frontiers. Every creative professional can learn from this discipline of how technology and data are used to augment the discipline. In this edit, we look at how the world’s top creative executives transformed their thinking from data vs. creativity to data-informed creativity. It is a good pointer to all creative fashion professionals who are on their edge to learn from these professionals’ experiences and gain an edge sooner than later.

There are a lot of creative professionals who have a feeling of anxiety with data. Here is an article that captures that well, from Ogilvy. Get out of Datagita.

Below are the insights from top creative minds on how they moved from “creative vs. technology” to creative and technology, a movement from “or” to an “and” world. This is a new world of using technology to imagine new ways of thinking, working, and creating (courtesy: google)


Taking a cue from these leading creative professionals, fashion creative challenges are no different and it is our (Stylumia’s) endeavour to enable fashion professionals globally too,

1. Use data as a creative compass and unlock full potential
2. Push us out of our norms and expectations and create compelling experiences
3. Move from “I think” to “I know”
4. Reduce drudgery and complexity from work
5. Maximize strategic and creative work

World’s leading fashion brands and retailers including the fortune 100 are adopting our ever-evolving solutions to stay relevant and delight their consumers.

Read here a published case study on how the Bestseller group has benefitted from data-informed decision making as a part of their digital transformation journey.

Given below is an overview of our solutions.

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