Summer 2017 and Beyond: Shorts that are sure shot

‘Short’- as in garment, in India, carries a seasonal perception owing to its comfort and casual silhouette suitable for warmer months of the year. This would be true till Mid 2014, not anymore!

Take a peek at the history of shorts, through the consumer lens:

Summers i.e. April to May 2015 is when the first spike in demand for this product garnered +109% rise in consumer trends. Ever since then, peak summers have guaranteed an average +20% growth to the category, with 2016-2017(till date) standing at +25%.

What about the months of August till October?

While the purpose of this blog is to give you in-season cues on trends in Shorts, also evaluate the emerging trends from close-to-season insights as potential trans-seasonal opportunities, that might take you ahead of that curve!


While shorts have been around for since we can remember flipping through the glossies, they have gone beyond pairs that look like they’ve been cut up from old denims. From regular low waist to high rise, from simple indigo denim to embroidered denim and ripped.

An interesting food for thought, before we get into seasonality of products and in them fashion trends that prevail. Let’s start with the basics, from the ground level, of what we see strewn across consumer search. How popular are shorts? especially when there are so many other co-ordinating contenders like skirts and leggings.

Shorts, as a trend for women in India, over the last 15 months i.e. since Jan 2016, has seen a seasonal rise in demand from consumers. Over April 2016, growth has been +32% during 2017 same time, as seen in the graph below.

The most popular searches were for ‘Denim shorts for women’ at +100% rise, followed by ‘Black shorts women’ at +90% and ‘cargo shorts for women’ at +40%. Countrywide, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi ranked highest in demand for these items.

When compared to other items, the growth in searches for shorts is much higher than skirts in India. Skirts for women has declined by -12% since LY. Clearly, shorts are trending among consumers! Next question being

‘What are the trends under shorts that they seek the most? are their demands being met?’

Look no further than here, for the entire document you will ever need on shorts that are in trend this summer and beyond.

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Blog by: Pooja Saraf